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Summertime Hair (Naturalista Edition)

The sun is out and the heat is on! We are in the full swing of summer, and although we love the way the sun kisses our melanin in our maxi dresses and shorts, the sun tends to treat our hair a lot differently in the summer than in any other season. Just like our skin, our hair is also sensitive to the overexposure of the sun and can become damaged. The sun generally can damage hair by drying it out. This results in split ends which can lead to breakage. So, in order to keep hair looking and feeling its healthiest, here are a few simple tips to adopt.

Trim Ends

The ends of your hair are the oldest part and are the most vulnerable in any type of weather. Keeping the ends of your hair clipped prevents split ends that could travel up the hair shaft and cause bigger.

Be Creative

Find creative ways to keep your hair tucked and protected. Summer is the perfect season to wear beautiful braids with jewels or pined up twisted updos. It's a great way to express your own style and still keep your hair sealed. Consider wearing a hat or head wrap to keep the sun rays from beating down on the hair while doing outside activities such as hiking or walking.

Adopt a Summertime Wash Routine

~Clarify: Remove harmful toxins and buildup from hair with Influance Deep Cleanse Shampoo.

~Moisturize: Follow up with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to replenish and add moisture back into your strands with Influance Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner.

Use a lightweight leave-in conditioner to coat the hair strands and seal in the moisture. Influance Honey Almond Leave-in or Solutionize Castor oil Hair Mist are products that can be used throughout the day when hair needs a little more moisture.

So go and enjoy that sun-kissed melanin look with goddess braids or that afro-centric headwrap! Your hair will be protected and you'll still be looking as beautiful as ever!

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