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Zanaida "ZEE" Wilds

You are born
Naturally Beautiful!

My name is Zee Wilds and I'm a Master Cosmetologist in Stone Mountain, GA. I believe in creating healthy, strong, and beautiful hair. I specialize in Locs, Natural Hair Care, and Styling. My goal is to help women embrace their natural hair by showing them the great diversity their natural hair can bring them. I love to see the confidence that graces the natural beauties that visit me and I'm happy to be of assistance during their hair journey.
Phone: (770) 679-1294



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Rashida "SHI" Thomas

 The SHI SLAYS Experience

 Hi everyone I am Shi your friendly loctician and natural hair specialist. For 10 years I have specialized in helping to keep my client's natural hair healthy and bringing to reality their dreams and visions for their best hair. For the past 4 years, I have been serving the South Florida region with my talents, but my family brings me back to Georgia and I am so excited to be back at home with the Zee Wilds family. I look forward to sharing the ultimate Shi Slays experience with you all. 
Phone  678-789-0657
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